How we are making it better

  • Literacy

    Building a foundation for academic success through small group, individualized tutorials for struggling readers.

  • Leadership

    Instilling leadership skills is an integral part of all Making It Better programs, giving children the ability to resist the negative influences that are so common today.

  • Life Skills

    Developing self-management and positive relationship skills and learning to express feelings appropriately is infused into every program; enabling children to grow into successful, contributing members of society.

  • “Making It Better is such an important organization in the city of Houston because it believes that EVERY child deserves a chance at a great education.”

    Scott McClelland | President, HEB Houston

  • “Thank You” to the 100 Men Who Give a Damn, Houston Chapter, for choosing us as the first charity to benefit from their generosity!


Real Stories. Real People.

Kiyonah and Amirah were second graders who struggled significantly with reading, among many other things. Most troubling for these students was that they both had mothers who had been incarcerated during the school year. Kiyonah was quick to anger, but also very sweet. She loved playing games and reading aloud, even when she struggled sounding out a word. Amirah was very sensitive and quick to cry, but determined to get things right. While learning to read was not the first priority for either of them, they both showed great improvement by the end of the Reading Intervention program.

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