Steps 2 Success After School

Steps 2 Success is an after-school program that takes place in a literacy-rich environment two days a week from October through April. The program is designed to help students develop positive relationship skills through thematic units, each including related books, a guest speaker and a field trip. Skills and experiences attained foster our students’ ability to resist the negative influences that surround them and will also enable our students to break the cycle of poverty as they become adults.

Our Approach:

Our program offers an extremely low student to adult ratio (5:1), which allows for building and sustaining meaningful relationships. The program provides a safe environment where loving adults deliver carefully planned and structured lessons.

Thematic Units:

  • Communication
  • Character Building
  • Diversity
  • Philanthropy
  • Healthy Living

Parent Partnership:

We believe that a strong partnership with parents is vital to helping children resist the negative influences they commonly encounter. This program provides parents with a place they can connect with our staff and other parents for support, encouragement and advice. A pre-program meeting gives parents the opportunity to meet our staff and learn about the program. Parents attend two workshops designed to equip them with the tools needed to support their child’s education and development, as well as to reinforce the skills taught in this program.


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