Steps 2 Success

Our Steps 2 Success after school program designed to help students develop leadership and positive relationship skills through literacy rich lessons and activities. Not only do we believe that attaining these skills and experiences are vital to their ability to resist the negative influences that surround them, but they will also enable our students to break the cycle of poverty as they become adults.

Our Approach:

Our program offers extremely low student to adult ratios (6:1), which allows for building and sustaining meaningful relationships.  The program provides a safe environment where loving adults deliver carefully planned and structured lessons designed with the children we serve in mind.

Content Areas:

  • Life Skills: Students learn skills necessary for developing self-awareness, empathy, building positive relationships, and managing anger.
  • Community: Students learn what a community is, participate in community outreach projects, and be introduced to philanthropy and cultural diversity.
  • Social Skills: Students learn the necessary skills to become caring people through lessons on first impressions, communication, conflict resolution and more.
  • Creativity: Students participate in art projects throughout the year as well as receive instruction from professional artists and attend field trips to develop an appreciation for the arts.
  • Grade 13: Students learn skills for their future such as entrepreneurship and other business concepts. They will attend field trips to local businesses and participate in National Lemonade Day where they will run their own business.

Parent Partnership:

We believe that a strong partnership with parents is vital to helping children resist the negative influences they commonly encounter. This program provides parents with a place they can connect with our staff and other parents for support, encouragement and advice.

  • Parents participate in a pre-program meeting that outlines program expectations and have the opportunity to attend two open house events each year.
  • Parents commit to attend three workshops, throughout the year, designed to equip them with tools needed to support their child’s education and development, as well as to reinforce the skills taught in this program.
  • Parents have the opportunity to attend two open house events each year.

Program Goals:

  • 80% of students report an increase in time spent on leisure reading.
  • 80% of students show an increase in healthy behaviors related to relationships and socials skills.
  • 80% of students report caring more about others and their community than they did at the start of this program.
  • 100% of surveyed parents report they would recommend the program to other parents.

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